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Sierra's and More

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SIERRA’s and MORE 7 Day Tour

Imagine seven days on a motorcycle trip where all you need to do is enjoy yourself.  The roads, the sights and the stops have all been linked together, so that you can make the most of your time in the region.  All you need to do is ride your ride, at your pace and enjoy. 

Our tour starts off in on the North end of Los Angeles, County. After a short briefing, we head off into the hills, making our way north and up toward the Kern River area.  The easy way is to take the nearby highways, but that’s not the fun way, we’ll be going through the passes on back roads.  We’ll ride through a morning of twisting roads and advance to the Kern River Valley.  After the morning ride, we’ll stop for lunch so we can share our experiences, as we all get to know each other better. 

The day continues up into the Sequoia National Forest, while watching the elevation changes and the very noticeable changes to forest and Sequoia Trees.  We’ll finish out our day, riding to the base of Sequoia National Park. 

Day Two.  We’ll visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.  Small groups allow for open roads and a great time as we’ll ride through sweeping turns throughout the day.  With scenic overlooks and natural landscapes, this park is a favorite.  The General Sherman Tree, Morro Rock and Crescent Meadow are just a few of our options.  It takes a motorcyclist to appreciate the twists and turns of a quiet untraveled back road, let’s explore the road less traveled.

The next morning we’ll connect a series of back roads and towns to continue our way north.  Riding through sweeping turns and single lane roads, as we spend a good deal of the day looking at ranch country, beautiful landscapes and open California land.  We will spend our night near the entrance to Yosemite National Park.

Day four has us up and at ‘em early. We are heading into Yosemite and we want to miss the congestion at the entry gates.  Once inside, the park is open for exploring.  Waterfalls, streams, lakes and assorted wildlife can be seen as we ride into and through the park.  Photo opportunities are endless in this park, one of the most visited National Parks in the country. After a visit in Yosemite Village, we make our way out and over the pass where we will cross over to the eastern side of the Sierra’s.  The eastern side has its own vibe and feel, with lakes and fishing spots everywhere.  Having fished this area for a long time, we have stumbled upon a number of quiet dead-end roads.  We’ll cruise at a nice leisurely pace as we check out some of the alpine lakes and remote areas.

Highway 395 connects numerous Sierra passes as well as connecting roads that lead to a number of places to stop for a great photo op.  From Mammoth Lakes, the June Lake Loop and on up to Mono Lake, nature provides unique and scenic views, with extreme contrasts.

Day five has us making our way back over to the Western Sierra’s for the night. Through Bridgeport and up and into the Stanislaus National Forest. The area has a history of old mining claims, with many evolving into quaint small towns, which now attract tourists from all over the country wanting to see what California was like many years ago when, miners, ranchers and farmers were the only people visiting the area.  We’ll spend late afternoon and evening in one of a few of our favorite little towns along the Highway 49 corridor.

Day Six.   We ride along Bass Lake with boaters, water skiers and fisherman all taking in the day.  Auberry Rd, Powerhouse Rd, Tollhouse Rd. So many roads and choices as we head south.  We finish our day riding Highway 245, a favorite with twist’s ranging from tight to light sweeping curves.  This evening is our last dinner together as we reflect on an incredible riding day.  Good Times to remember, for sure.

Day Seven is our last, on the road, together. We head back reflecting on the last week we shared, new friends and scenery that few people experience, and even fewer have experienced from the seat of a motorcycle.  As we return back to Los Angeles County, and part ways, we wish you the best and hope that you will join us again for another adventure in the near future. 

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