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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to ride with the group the entire day?

The short answer- NO

Each morning we have a short briefing for the day ahead. Riders are provided with an overview of the day which includes an itinerary with maps and directions. You will be provided with ideas for stops, pictures as well as side trips or excursions, should you desire to do that. We do ask that each rider let us know his or her plans at some point, so we don’t send out the search party, so to speak. We ask that if you are delayed, to please call and keep your tour leaders informed. On some of our tours, we do have lay over days where we stay at the same hotel and do local touring in order to see the sights and explore. You are welcome to tour with our guides or go on your own.

As some of our custom tours do include some meals and fuel, you might want to stay with the group, as missed meals and fuel stops are not refunded or reimbursed.

Why Would I want to Ride on a guided tour, when I can plan it myself?

I started this business as the guy who always planned the trips for me and my friends. It quickly evolved into group rides for their friends and then grew into requests from others, who eventually suggested I do this as a business.

After years of traveling on motorcycles and hundreds of thousands of miles, we have sampled many roads, restaurants and places to spend the night. We know what roads to take, sights to see, great little places to eat, with some exceptional local food and atmosphere, as well. We can share our knowledge of some pretty nice motorcycle friendly places to spend the night. On some of our tours, just knowing where the gas stations are can be crucial.

Support and camaraderie on a group ride can add to personal security while out on the road. In addition to this we can pair you up with other riders for lodging, which can help offset the costs of traveling alone.

Just leave the planning and logistics to us and enjoy your vacation, meet some great other people who share your love of riding and touring.

How many riders do you allow on one of your tours?

For our regular package tours, we generally keep our groups to between eight and sixteen bikes, plus tour staff. This allows for a manageable group size, allowing us to ride together and get to know each other. We have had smaller groups go out as well as some much larger ones.

Our Custom tours have had both smaller and much larger groups, for special group events as requested.

Please call or email us with any questions.

I am joining the tour as a single rider, is that a problem?

Not at all. Many riders come as a single. If you want to room with someone and save costs on the room, we will try and pair you up with a roommate if possible. Others want their own room. This is also not a problem.

This is the value of a guided tour! You won’t be out on the road alone to fend for yourself. When you’re on our tour, we are all part of the group.

What kind of hotels / motels do we stay at?

Depending on the tour, most of the package tours have accommodations that are similar to “Best Western” style of motel/hotel and better. We prefer to stay at “motorcycle friendly” out of the way places that are perhaps unique to the area, or a place that the locals have recommended, rather than just traveling from chain hotel to chain hotel. In some cases due to group size or accommodation considerations, we do use the hotel chains as needed. In either case, you will be pleased with the selection and understand why a guided tour is the way to go.

On some of our shorter trips, we may stay in the same place for two nights so as to enjoy the scenic rides and roads within the area. On our longer trips we will generally stay in a different place each night.

Our Alaska trip can be another story. Hotels / motels can be an adventure in and of themselves. As we are out on the Yukon, and in very isolated areas, we can promise a place to stay and a great time. All part of the fun!!!

What kind of weather should I expect?

As long time riders we understand that riding in perfect weather is the ideal for each tour. We have planned our tours so that we are riding in the region of the country at the best time of year for that area. Be prepared though. We have seen snow in the spring and summer and very warm to hot conditions in the spring and fall. Riding from the coast to the mountains, in one day, we could see temperatures ranging from the 30’s to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Be prepared and plan accordingly. We suggest dressing in layers so that you can adjust accordingly throughout the day. Don’t forget your rain gear.

Be prepared for the region we are riding in and be ready to ride!

How far do we ride each day?

Our tours are about riding some great roads, and seeing some great areas. We like to stay on the back roads, avoiding the interstate. There are lots of sights to see and pictures to take, so we do make several short stops in order to give you an opportunity to experience the area. To do this, we tend to be on the road by 8 am and arrive at our destination in the late afternoon. Plan on riding between 200 to 300 miles per day, depending on the tour and type of roads we are on.

Do you provide a chase vehicle?

For most of our tours, we do not include a chase vehicle. We suggest you pack your bike accordingly.

We have provided a chase vehicle on our custom and Alaska Tours. Please call or email if you have concerns or you or the group want to request one at an additional cost.

What should I bring?

California and adjoining states require that riders and passengers must wear a helmet. We suggest appropriate motorcycle safety gear for the days ride. Casual dress for after the ride is always nice for dining or other activities once we have settled into our lodging destination for the night.

How do I book a tour?

Please go to our reservation page. You will find most of the information you need there. If you have any questions please call or email. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Are meals included in the price?

Breakfast is included on our riding days, and dinner is included on our last night together.

Riders will need to bring money for their lunches and most dinners.

One of the things about travel is being able to enjoy unique dining options and local flavors to an area. As such we have found that people like to go out on their own for various meals and at their timing. We provide some suggestions for dining locations on our evening meals for those that want to venture out on their own each night. Each evening we inform the group where and what time we will be eating and encourage those who are interested in joining us to come along. The choice is yours. Enjoy!

Our lunch stops are preselected places based on dining options we have scouted out on previous rides. Though not required, we do encourage the group to dine together at lunch so that we can get back on the road without delay.

I will need to rent a motorcycle for my tour. Do you rent motorcycles?

We do not rent motorcycles. We will be happy to refer you to rental companies operating near the starting point of your tour. We have partnered with rental companies who can provide motorcycles to our tour guests.

You will need to make arrangements directly with the rental company as to the type of bike you want and the dates of your tour. Plan to pick the bike up one day before the tour and return it the next morning after the tour ends. If you would like to continue with your rental beyond the tour, please let us know if you want route suggestions from our tour stopping point.

How does the group ride together?

At the beginning of each day, we will go over the ride for the day and what you can expect. We do cover some basic group riding safety rules each day in order to make sure we are all on the same page.

We ride with a group leader and a sweep rider to the rear and generally ride at a smooth relaxed pace. We do find that as a group develops together there are faster and slower riders in between the leader and the sweep. We encourage all riders to ride at their own pace. Our tours are designed to let riders enjoy the ride and the road. There is no pressure to keep up with others. If you are a slower rider, no problem, the sweep rider will get you to the group ahead at our next pre-planned stop.

If you want to ride ahead and you know the way, we’ll see you at the next stop. It’s all about enjoying yourself.

Enjoy the day and ride at your own pace.

What kind of roads will we be riding on?

The main purpose of our tours is to lead groups through scenic motorcycle roads. We have scouted out paved back roads with nice twisties and little if any traffic.

While we don’t like traffic and avoid it like the plague, in some cases it is necessary to pass through more populated areas, or interstates to connect to the next portion of the ride. Riders should be comfortable riding in varied traffic and road conditions.


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