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Our new website is up and running.  We have a new look, with new rides scheduled for this season. We also have a few more tours to be added in the next month, for the 2020 riding season. 

Two of the subjects friends and fellow riders ask me about is, what goes into planning our rides, and why is an organized tour better than just going it alone?

Planning a tour takes quite a bit of effort on our part.  First and foremost is the route itself.  We have covered thousands and thousands of miles checking out rides that people recommend, ride reviews and our own selections found on maps.  In a few cases, we have found the roads recommended by others to be less than what we would call a good ride.

For us, putting a tour together, isn’t just about a good road.  We like to have specific destinations in mind.  Throughout each given day, we have a plan for stops and for the end of each days ride. Whether it’s a quiet location in the mountains or a tourist attraction to walk around, we try and make for a memorable ride and vacation that you can share with friends and family.

We have found that our customers have differing tastes and expectations as they travel.  For that reason, the minimums we charge provide our services as tour guides, travel coordinators and in many cases, your concierge; before, during, and after the ride. Some riders prefer to camp.  Some want to include their ride as part of a larger romantic trip, while others just want to go for the ride while just enjoying a guided experience, free of any planning or drama.

Why a guided tour?  Many riders are seeking the opportunity to travel on more than a day ride but find that their friends or riding groups, lack the interest in taking longer, extended rides.   As experienced long distance riders, we bring the riding group together along with providing the planning and support needed for a longer and enjoyable, ride.  You aren’t traveling alone. You become part of a group ride with all of the safety and support you want on a long memorable ride.

Why Odyssey Motorcycle Touring? Our quoted prices are among the lowest in the industry, while providing the superior services that you want in a tour operator. Not included in our pricing are meals, lodging and fuel.  That also means, that we aren’t marking up those services in a total package price either.  We share the room pricing we work out, directly with you.  You are going to pay for these anyway whether the trip is all inclusive or not.  As a touring rider, I preferred to make my own selections. 

  1. Meals – In many cases breakfasts are included with the room price, but not always. While out on the road, our meal stops are at restaurants.  You pick your own food off the menu. The meal you choose, is what you pay for, not a packaged, pre- selected meal that you wouldn’t have picked for yourself. Something I have experienced on other tours and I didn’t appreciate. 
  2. Lodging – We will pre-arrange rooms for our tours. You will then update the room to your own name and arrange payment directly with the hotel.  No mark-up on our part and you can adjust the accommodations as you see fit, between you and our stop for the night.  Some have even upgraded on their own to a nearby 5 star hotel when possible. Others have decided to camp in the area.  It’s up to you the vacationer.   I will add that on some of our tours the choices are few, as in our Alaska tour. 

Give us a try. We hope it will keep you coming back for more, as we tour this great country on our new destination tours and future rides.  We’ll see you out there.

Thanks for reading!


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