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Odyssey Motorcycle Touring really is all about the whole adventure. Our mission is to provide guided motorcycle tours through some of the best motorcycle roads in California and throughout the western United States. 

Odyssey Motorcycle Touring was founded in a joint venture by motorcycle touring enthusiasts, Craig Bloor and Ed Henneberque. These owner/operators, rode separate of each other over the years, each conducting coordinated rides and custom tours for private groups.

After becoming re-acquainted in 2013, they both found that they shared interests in motorcycle touring and providing others with a memorable touring experience.After extensive motorcycle travel together, across North America and throughout the Yukon and Alaska, Odyssey Motorcycle Touring, Inc., was born.


While growing up in the Netherlands, Ed got his first taste of motorcycling. His father had a motorcycle and his uncle also had a bike with a sidecar. After trying the passenger’s seats he was hooked. Ed moved to the United States as a pre-teen and settled in Southern California.

Upon getting his license as a teenager, Ed bought his first motorcycle and has been riding ever since. As a teen his day rides, soon evolved into riding for the entire weekend. Upon becoming a young adult, Ed began traveling by motorcycle for weeks at a time, out on the road and seeing the United States, from behind the handlebars.

With a love for motorcycling, Ed was able to turn his passion into a career opportunity, and rode professionally for 16 years, coordinating group rides and training other riders in riding skills and rider safety. For recreation, you guessed it, Ed rides long distance and continues to tour, having seen most of North America, many times over. With over one million miles on a motorcycle and 50 years of riding experience, Ed enjoys showing others the beauty North America has to offer as one can only appreciate from touring on a guided motorcycle tour.

Ed, has participated in the Run For the Wall a number of times, handling various leadership positions. He has coordinated many group rides for both private and civic groups. His hobbies include home repair, soccer and his affiliation with civic and veterans groups.


He started as a youngster on the back of a neighbors motorcycle. From there it became a love for riding on two wheels.

Growing up in Southern California’s extended riding season, his “first car” was a motorcycle. Like many riders in the area, Craig rode the back roads of Southern California, finding the road less traveled and exploring new areas. He gradually increased his travels throughout the Western United States and ultimately throughout the North America.

Craig has kept that interest in riding and travel, throughout his life.

Always the planner, Craig became “the guy” who sets up the long distance rides for friends and select riding groups in the Southern California area. This evolved into setting up extended group rides and then tours for groups and visitors to the area.

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